The study of Western Civilization History consists of exploring both the ancient and modern history in full.  Themes related to the study of WESTERN CIVILIZATION most often broken into five domains.  The first theme concerns interaction between humans and the environment, which includes the study of demography and disease, migration and patterns of settlement, and role technology plays in these interactions.  A second theme for consideration is the development and interaction of cultures.  This includes looking at various religions, belief systems, philosophies, and ideologies of various cultures.   In addition, developments related to the advance of science and technology will also be considered as well as the arts and architecture created by these advancements.  Another important theme to be studied is state-building, expansion, and conflict as they relate to political structures and forms of governance.  The fourth theme to be studied is economic systems.  This effort includes their creation, expansion, and interaction as they relate to agricultural and pastoral production, trade and commerce, labor systems, industrialization as well as capitalism and socialism.  The last theme to be considered is the development and transformation of social structures as they relate to gender roles and relations, family and kinship, racial and ethnic constructions as well as social and economic classes.