Once upon a time a scholar or student of history would be inspired to go to the library to write a first-rate research paper or complete a research project.   This venture would include getting lost in the stacks amongst thousands of books covering a range of subjects.   However, with the advent of MODERN TECHNOLOGY or better yet, the INTERNET, this once hollowed endeavor would be severely altered, for better or worse.  Instead of navigating a myriad of books, journals, or articles, the challenge would morph into an endless stream of INTERNET sources, with no end in sight.

The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words has for all practical purposes stood the test of time.  This is especially true when it comes to the study of HISTORY with the aid of PHOTOGRAPHY. Given the resources related to photography, whether stills or motion pictures, it stands to reason that students often consult media sources they can view first, then proceed to the printed page to round out their study.   However, with advance media technology and all its wonders, one still must balance quality versus quantity.  It is this pursuit of quality over quantity that challenges most historians, scholars, and students of history as they try to discern what passes for “true” scholarship.   It goes without saying, but this is where THE HISTORY TUBE comes in.

About Us:

This project was started after a futile effort was undertaken to find videos and still photographs for an upcoming lecture for my undergraduate students.    Simply stated, I was buried knee-deep in a plethora of media examples that ranged from A to Z.    As I completed my task, I was left with one thought as I took what I needed and moved on, wouldn’t it be nice if you could locate one INTERNET SOURCE with “ready to go” media neatly arranged by topic?   With the encouragement and advice of my students at Collin College, this project was started.


Professor John P. Williams

American History / Jewish Studies / Western Civilization

Collin College / Brookhaven College / University of North Texas